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remember that afternoon i called you,
too weak to make it home and we
ended up going to the hospital,
by my side you stayed
through sickness and health?

and my birthday, when you listened to
what makes me happy
created it
forgave me for my bad decision
a few days later, you
loved me
despite everything?

countless times you went
above my expectations to make me
smile, to bring me
security, to remind me that love
is not just a fairy tale

so i thank you for choosing me,
for insisting that you be able to feel
my body next to you
that one summer night;
thank you
for loving my brokenness,
for the good and the bad-
for everything
it's easy to be angry at someone when you love them and want to be with them, but can't. it's easier to remember all the hurt and the bad so that not being together is a victory and not a memory.

but i wanted you to know i remember the good, all the way through.

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Submitted on
September 23, 2007
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